Tuition Programs

Full-time and part-time members of the faculty and staff are eligible for tuition remission for themselves. Additionally, full-time members of the faculty and staff are eligible for additional tuition benefits for their spouse/spousal equivalent and/or children*. Tuition benefits provided to a spousal equivalent, or the child of a spousal equivalent, are considered taxable benefits by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Some programs have a University service requirement. Previous full-time employment at another institution of higher education will be counted toward meeting this service requirement, upon return of the completed Service Waiver (posted below). All tuition programs are subject to revision or termination at any time at the option of the University.

*Children for whom you were responsible as of their 14th birthday are eligible to utilize their four (4) years of tuition benefits through the semester in which they turn 24, or until they have obtained their first bachelor's degree, whichever comes first. Children serving on active duty in the military can extend the benefit for one additional year for each year of military service, not to exceed age 28. For example, a child who enlists at 18 and serves four (4) years of active duty, then begins college at the age of 22, will be eligible to utilize the tuition benefit through the semester in which they turn 26. Proof of active duty service is required to be eligible for this extension.