Tuition Grants

Tuition grants for study at an accredited undergraduate college or university are available for the dependent children of full-time faculty and staff members with 10 or more years of full-time University service. Previous full-time employment at other institutions of higher learning will be counted toward meeting this service requirement. Bucknell offers grants equal to 60% of Bucknell tuition, or tuition at the admitting institution, whichever is less. Grants are limited to 4 academic years or 8 regular semesters per student up to a maximum of 8 academic years and/or 16 regular semesters per faculty/staff member.

Children participating in the Grant Program may also be eligible for Summer Grants. Summer Grants are available for summer courses taken during the student's regular 8 semesters of course study and are not counted towards the 8 semesters per child limit. The value of the Summer Grant is 60% of the cost of two summer courses at Bucknell University.

Grant program applications should be submitted once the student has enrolled in courses. Once eligibility has been verified and your application has been approved, a copy of the institutions billing statement will then be submitted to HR for payment of the Grant.

Apply for a Tuition Grant for a Dependent Child