Bucknell offers a comprehensive dental plan with two passive PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) options. Faculty and staff who wish to elect dental insurance may choose a high option or low option dental plan.

Dental Program Highlights

Dental Insurance is provided by United Concordia. United Concordia provides an interactive online member site for maintenance and inquiry for eligibility data, participating provider search, claim status, ID card requests, and more.

United Concordia provides two options for dental coverage, a low and a high plan, with no waiting periods for services. The plan also includes a UC Wellness benefit for you or any of your covered dependents that have any of the following conditions: diabetes, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease (stroke), rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, organ transplant, head and neck radiation therapy, or current pregnancy. 

*To view cost share information, services covered, or the UC Wellness benefit, choose the page in the left side menu.

United Concordia Dental