Accidental Injury and Hospitalization

Additional Financial Protection

Cigna Accidental Injury insurance pays you (or whoever you designate) for treatments or injuries resulting from a covered accident. It can help you pay for expenses such as rehabilitation, transportation, child care, travel or other out-of-pocket expenses. What you do with the money is all up to you. Coverage continues after your first covered accident and can help provide protection for future covered accidents. 

Even with medical coverage, out-of-pocket costs can add up. But with Cigna Hospital Care, you receive a check after a qualified hospitalization resulting from a covered injury or illness. You can use the money however you’d like. For example, it can help you pay for expenses related to child care, travel, or other out-of-pocket expenses. There are no copays, deductibles, coinsurance, or network requirements. 

And benefits aren’t reduced because you receive a payment from any other coverage you have, such as medical, accidental injury or critical insurance.

Filing a Claim:

Call 800-754-3207

Have the following ready:

  • Personal Information - Including date of hire and Social Security number
  • Employer Information - Including address and phone number
  • Doctor Information - Name, address, and phone number for each