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the 103 (exhibition space)

The 103 is a teaching exhibition space run by the faculty of Art & Art History that acts as the extension of various art pedagogies and exhibits artwork from a diverse group of professional and student artists. The space creates exhibition and curatorial opportunities for students, faculty and invited arts community professionals. The main goal of the space is to support the pedagogy of the Department of Art & Art History and the education of Bucknell students towards deepening the curriculum taught in the department. 

The space exhibits artworks from a wide range of concepts, styles, media and a diversity of artists whose work informs, inspires and challenges. 

The space fulfills its mission by serving as a laboratory for thought-provoking exhibitions;  displaying both end result and process, and generating critical discussion. 

The 103 exhibition space is located on the first floor of Holmes Hall. 

While we welcome submissions for consideration, we recommend that prior to submitting you consider the 103 Exhibition Space’s mission and current and past exhibitions in order to determine whether your submission is a match with our program. 103 Exhibition Space shows are closely tied to the Department of Art and Art History’s curriculum and education needs, and are typically planned several years in advance. We do not accept actual works of art for consideration.

2022-23 Artist-in-Residence

The Department of Art & Art History is pleased to host these distinguished guests in 2022–23. Each resident will be involved with our students in various ways, but we highlight the dates & times of their public talks below. Please join us!

Anthony Cervino

January 23–26, 2023
Artist’s talk:
January 26 at 5 p.m.
Hislop Family Auditorium, Holmes Hall 

Weak Signal, painted steel 2022Weak Signal, painted steel 2022

Weak Signal, painted steel 2022

Using both made forms and manipulated found objects, Anthony Cervino’s carefully composed forms often allude to the rituals, rites of passage and totemic beliefs that convey both sentimental and cultural meaning. Cervino’s sculptures invite personal associations and the passionate psyche of childhood — adventurous play, maternal comforts, imagined heroism, lurking bogymen and prayerful longings — but they also offer a critique of societal hierarchies, misplaced faith, wistful nostalgia and other constructs of personal identity and a cultural ethos.

Jefried Lotti + Krystal Rodriguez

March 25–April 9, 2023
Artist’s talk:
Tuesday, April 4 at 5 p.m.
Hislop Family Auditorium, Holmes Hall

Jefreid Lotti is a Cuban-born artist and educator based in Miami, Florida. Lotti has exhibited and published his work professionally for over a decade, making primarily oil paintings, monotypes and sculptures. He obsessively represents a multitude of personal interiors which he insists on depicting with an abundance of impasto oil paint.

Jefried LottiJefried Lotti

Krystal T. Rodriguez is an artist based in Miami, Florida. Her paintings have been exhibited nationally at the University of Green Bay- Marinette, Wisconsin, the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, FL, Florida International University and the National YoungArts Foundation Gallery in Miami, FL. 

Krystal RodriguezKrystal Rodriguez

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