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Thanks for your interest in joining the TLC staff!

We offer study groups for a large group of introductory courses and tutoring for a smaller subset of those. You may apply to be a study group facilitator and if you are interested in tutoring, you may choose to add on one tutoring appointment/week in the same subject. You may work in any course for which you qualify (by having earned an A- or above). To join our staff, students must either be nominated by or have a recommendation from at least one professor in the relevant content area.

All TLC staff members will attend a weekly staff meeting to progress through our staff curriculum. All staff will be coached from New, to Level 1 Experienced staff and if they choose to continue, to Level 2 Advanced staff. New staff topics will be completed in one semester and then students will have one or two semesters to complete Level 1 training topics and submit a portfolio to progress to Level 2. Pay rates and autonomy will increase at each staffing level.

Please email with any questions.

Join our staff (Applications are posted 4-6 weeks before each semester ends.)

Study Groups Program

TLC study groups provide meaningful and efficient mechanisms for learning; they can help students keep up with material, actively review and study and engage with diverse perspectives. Your group will meet every week for 90 minutes at a time that you choose. Groups are heterogeneous but organized by professor; any student enrolled in a particular professor's section of a course served by the program is eligible to join a group. You will facilitate group members working together to clarify course material, engage in deep processing techniques for learning and active problem-solving. There may be some options to co-facilitate occasionally. You can lead more than one group and/or lead in one or more subjects per term.

Study group course coverage can occasionally vary based on staffing. Covered courses often include:

BIOL 121CSCI 203FREN 103LING 105
BIOL 122CSCI 204FREN 104LING 110
BIOL 203ECON 103GEOL 203MATH 112
BIOL 204ECON 256GEOL 204MATH 192
 ECON 257GRMN 101MATH 201
CHEM 203 ECON 259GRMN 102MATH 202
CHEM 205EDUC 362ITAL 101MATH 211
CHEM 211ECEG 100ITAL 102MATH 216
CHEM 212ENGR 229JAPN 101MECH 220
CHEM 221ENGR 239JAPN 102PHYS 211
CHEM 230FREN 101LATN 101PHYS 212
CHEM 231FREN 102LATN 102 


The most up-to-date list will be online at when registration and groups are active.

Tutoring Program

TLC tutoring offers assistance to students seeking extra help in some introductory courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. New tutors must also lead a study group in their first semester on the TLC staff in order to ensure adequate student contact hours in their content area to progress through our staff curriculum. New tutors will schedule one weekly tutoring appointment, which can be booked by any student in that course. You will staff your assigned tutoring location during your weekly tutoring time even if not all your appointments are booked in advance. We will pay you for 30 minutes of prep time in addition to your group meeting and tutoring appointment times. You must commit to your regular weekly tutoring schedule after training and continue it throughout the semester.

Courses covered by tutors include:

BIOL 121
BIOL 122
BIOL 203
BIOL 204
CHEM 105
CHEM 203
CHEM 205
CHEM 211
CHEM 212
CHEM 230
CHEM 231
MATH 192
MATH 201
MATH 202
MATH 211
MATH 216
PHYS 211
PHYS 212