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Garman Guides

Our Goals

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  • Connect early with enrolled engineering students, building their sense of identity as Bucknell Engineers and sense of belonging early and increasingly over time.
  • Enhance connectedness and success of first-year engineers through peer mentoring.
  • Develop leadership and mentoring skills among our Garman Guides.

What is a Garman Guide?

  • Someone who welcomes first-year students to the College of Engineering
  • A new friend with an encouraging voice and enthusiasm
  • Someone to answer questions (especially those questions that might feel silly)
  • Someone who has been where the incoming student is now
  • Someone who is willing to share their experiences and time
  • A peer mentor to a cohort of ~10 incoming engineering students

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Garman Guide Motto:

Don't be afraid to ask! 
I might not have the answer, but I will help you find it!

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