For Students

Being a part of our community means you will be immersed in exciting opportunities and experiences, in classrooms, studios, labs, residence halls, the library, field trips, athletic fields, dining halls and so much more. Take full advantage of these experiences as they will challenge, stretch, and clarify your goals for yourself - not only during your time at Bucknell, but throughout your life. Everyone’s journey is different and there is no “right way” to proceed along your path. This is your journey, your adventure, and we want you to make the most of it. And remember, , there are many people, programs, and spaces that are here to help you.

One of the programs that will launch you on this journey is Pathways, a digital repository that is a safe and private space to document your accomplishments, reflect on your choices, test out new ideas and passions, and help you better understand your priorities and aspirations . It will also help you think about how your future goals intersect with becoming an active citizen of the world when you leave Bucknell. When you are ready, you can share your portfolio reflections with others, such as advisors, faculty, coaches, other students and employers. 

To get started, you will want to complete the introductory checklist that will guide you through logging in and setting up your first portfolio. You may also find helpful the slides that are used for trainings. For more advanced help you should consult the Digication FAQ or the  Digication Student Help Pages. Also be on the lookout for workshops and other training.

Please keep in mind that your portfolio is a digital representation of yourself as a student at Bucknell and you must follow all of the same legal and ethical guidelines here that you see outlined in the Student Handbook. A summary of the most applicable policies can be found in this quick guide.