Pathways Program

The Pathways program encourages students to ignite their curiosity, thoughtfully integrate their curricular and co-curricular experiences, discover their own values and goals, and continuously curate a personal narrative while at Bucknell and beyond. In creating their own Pathways digital portfolio they will become intellectual cartographers, mapping their aspirations, passions, strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly it will prompt them to imagine how they will make their Bucknell experience exceptional in their own way. They will develop a sense of identity, agency and purpose that will help them become scholars within their disciplines and  active citizens of the world. This is hard work, and it is why the active participation of the entire Bucknell community of instructors, advisors, coaches, mentors, and student peers is essential to our students’ successful narration of their own story of becoming.  

Pathways Student Learning Goals

Pathways University Goals

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Watch these three videos to learn more about Pathways as well as set up your first ePortfolio

Student Introduction (1:30)

Introduction to Pathways Program (1:56)

Signing in for the First Time (4:02)

Once you have watched these videos, it is suggested that you view the short videos below, in the order presented.

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