Spousal Surcharge

A spouse or spousal equivalent who has access to health care through their current employer is eligible to participate in the Bucknell University health plan. For this coverage, the employee will pay a monthly surcharge, which is in addition to the cost-share for employee and spouse/spousal equivalent or family coverage. 2023 surcharges are as follows:








Spousal Surcharge$62.50$93.75$150.00$225.00$300.00

Note: Access to a retiree health plan through a previous employer, Medicare and/or Medicaid do not count as employer-sponsored coverage and are not subject to the spousal surcharge. If both employee and spouse work for the University in a benefits-eligible position but choose to be covered under one plan, the surcharge does not apply.

Dually Employed at Bucknell University

The spousal surcharge does not apply to dually employed faculty and staff who chose to remain on one plan. In this instance, the plan election must be made by the higher-paid spouse.