Voluntary Life Insurance

The University provides an opportunity to get the life insurance protection you need at low group rates. Through the University's Optional Group Life Insurance agreement with CIGNA, you can increase your coverage. At time of hire, up to $250,000 or 3x base salary (whichever is less) in optional life insurance is guaranteed issue. Elections in excess of this amount, and all new coverage or increases in optional life insurance after time of hire, will require a completed medical questionnaire, which CIGNA will email to you after enrollment. See the Rate Chart for details on the cost of purchasing additional life insurance.

Optional Life insurance can be purchased in $25,000 increments, up to $500,000:


Monthly/Bi-Weekly Payroll Rate

10-Month Payroll Rate

Under 30
























65 and over



What are your rates for Optional Life Insurance? To find out, you will need to do a little multiplication and division. 

Here's an example: Let's say you're 47 years old, paid bi-weekly, and choose $75,000 in coverage.  The rate for your age is .15 (for each $1,000 of insurance), from the chart above.  Simply multiply .15 by 75 ($75, 000 divided by 1,000 = 75). You pay only $11.25 per month for $75,000 of Optional Life Insurance.